Seabourn Academy offers you the opportunity to learn about one of the world’s finest ultra-luxury travel experiences, as well as how to find, attract and satisfy a luxury travel clientele that, properly served, will continue to provide you with an ongoing source of lucrative business year after year.

This training is meant to be self-administered. However all of us at Seabourn are ready and able to assist you at any time. We want you to succeed, so that we will succeed. If you are ready to start selling the world's finest ultra-luxury cruise line, you can start your training now. Go to  Create Account  to register or Sign In  and proceed to Courses if you already have an account. This is also a good time to whitelist to ensure you receive emails from us. 

As the training program is self-administered, the length of time to complete Seabourn Academy training varies. We recommend you allocate a minimum of six hours to complete all the core courses (101 through 106). When you have completed a course and taken the exam, you may continue on to the next course or come back any time to complete the next course. The specialist course will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Optional courses vary in length.

Graduate Benefits

Complete the core course training and become a Seabourn Academy Graduate. Rewards include:

  • Certificate: An online, downloadable certificate with your name and date of graduation.
  • Email signature logo: An online, downloadable email signature logo. Add it to your email to show your clients that you are an expert in the ultra-luxury Seabourn experience.
  • CLIA Credits: 10 CLIA credits toward ACC or MCC. Your Seabourn Academy graduate certificate downloaded from the Seabourn Academy website must be submitted to CLIA. To learn more about CLIA Certification, please go to The Seabourn Academy graduate certificate has no cash value. CLIA Certification credits are awarded to CLIA member agents only.
  • U.S. Travel Advisor Credits: U.S. graduates are eligible for eight credits from The Travel Institute. We suggest you supply a print out of the email advising that you are a Seabourn Academy graduate and/or a photo copy of your certificate to The Travel Institute. You must be a Certified Travel Associate (CTA) or a Certified Travel Counselor (CTC).
  • Canadian Travel Advisor Credits: Canadian graduates are eligible for 12 credits from ACTA (Association of Canadian Travel Agencies). If you are not registered in the ACTA program and would like to obtain more information, please visit
  • Seabourn Academy Graduate Reduced Fares: Fares are based on a Veranda guarantee at a rate of $175USD ($240CAD) per person, per day, based on double occupancy or $350USD ($480CAD) person, per day, based on single occupancy. Full terms are on the bottom of the application form. In summary, to qualify you must be a full time travel advisor with an agency that has a minimum of one active deposited booking opened within the last three hundred and sixty five (365) days. Cruises 14 days or less are eligible. Holiday sailings and all Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit sailings are excluded. Requests will only be accepted for cruises that are within 90 days of sailing date. Requests are subject to availability and take a minimum of three weeks to process. For faster processing, please consider selecting a Travel Advisor Appreciation Fare sailing as you are more likely to be confirmed on one of these sailings. A current list of Travel Advisor Appreciation Fare sailings is located at OneSource under "Booking Tools". Download the application with terms and conditions here.

Specialist Course Benefits

Complete the specialist course training to receive CLIA Credits: 3 CLIA elective credits. To learn more about CLIA Certification, please go to 

    How to Become a Graduate

    • Click on the "Create Account" link and complete the form
    • Login using your email address and password
    • To start, click on the courses tab, then on the course title
    • When you have completed all lessons within each course, take the exam
    • To pass the course exams, you must have 70% correct answers. All exams consist of true/false and multiple-choice questions relating to the course content. You will receive your score immediately.
    • If you did not pass the exam, review the answers and try again. Exam questions are randomized so some of the questions in the retry exams will be new.
    • When you have passed the exam, click the "next" button to record the exam pass, then move on to the next course or come back another time to continue the training.

    You must pass all the core course exams to become a Seabourn Academy Graduate. To check which exams you have passed, click the "Courses" link. The link will appear when you are signed in.